Learning Italian is fun!


LOTE (Language Other Than English)

At South Thornlie PS, Italian is taught to students from Years 3-6 for 60 minutes per week. The students are taught to communicate in Italian as well as gain an understanding of Italian cultural practices and aspects of everyday life in Italy. Building on the students’ intercultural understanding supports our school’s ethos of respect for diversity and difference, encouraging openness to different perspectives.
The teaching and learning program is aligned within the Western Australian Curriculum for Languages and a range of different experiences and activities are provided through interactives tasks including singing, role-playing, games, choral repetition, digital tools and story books in Italian. The lessons are centred around topics that are engaging and relevant to every child such as numbers, colours, family, food, animals, weather, travel, sport, clothing and classroom objects and instructions.
2020 Strengths
• Four signs around the school were duplicated with their Italian equivalent to promote the  language throughout the school community.

• The implementation of Italian Ambassadors.

• Using the PA system, the Italian Ambassadors reinforced the target language to all the students weekly.

• The implementation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa Award. This award is given to a student who leans towards giving their best effort in Italian.

• The Italian Ambassadors gave out the Pinocchio Award to the best class and the Leaning Tower of Pisa Award to the best student on a fortnightly basis.

• Photos and a range of student work shared with the school community via the newsletter, school website and Italian room.

• See- Saw app was used to provide ongoing lessons for the students.

• Italian is well resourced and maintained.

• Students in Year 3 B2 enjoyed a pizza lunch and gelato as a reward for their work in Italian.

• Each classroom is provided with posters to display in classrooms to further promote the target language.

Robotics club with Mrs Waghorn has begun for Term 3, 2020.

Children are selected to be part of a Robotics program run after school with Mrs Waghorn and Mrs Liedermoy. The children were very excited that robotics had started again for 2020  They began practising with the Spheros and iPads making sure they were in sync under the explicit instruction of Mrs Waghorn. This intial stage is preparing them for greater use of coding later in the term.