Learning Italian is fun! Students in Year 6 C5 and Year 4 B4 are working on Time and Transport


                                                          Learning Italian is fun! Students in Year 6 C5 and Year 4 B4 are working on Time and Transport

In Year 4 students interact and socialise with the teacher and peers, using simple descriptive or expressive modelled language, to exchange information about aspects of their personal worlds, including their daily routines at home and school and their interests.They recognise some of the rules of spelling and punctuation such as capitalisation rules when writing. In this exercise they are laerning how to tell the time.

In Year 6 students engage in intercultural experiences, describing aspects of language and culture that are unfamiliar and discussing their own reactions and adjustments. Understanding that transport varies from continent to continent and that there are similarities as well as differences enriches the way our students view the world. 

Please see attached our latest news on Italian.


Robotics club with Mrs Waghorn has begun for Term 3, 2020.

Children are selected to be part of a Robotics program run after school with Mrs Waghorn and Mrs Liedermoy. The children were very excited that robotics had started again for 2020  They began practising with the Spheros and iPads making sure they were in sync under the explicit instruction of Mrs Waghorn. This intial stage is preparing them for greater use of coding later in the term.

STEAM Room Activities in Mrs Liedermoy's C4 2020 class

Mrs Liedermoy's Year 6 C4 students, used the concept of STEAM to intergrate several learning areas to create a finished product that required a knowledge of Technology, Science and English.

Using green screens to create a visual interpretation of an event was part of their project. Allowing students to use technolgy as a form of self expression is highly valued in STEAM and is part of differentiating the curriculum to accomodate for all types of learners.Mrs Liedermoy also organises the Robotics program with our science teacher Mrs Waghorn.