Woodword group is held on Tuesdays during lunch time for our year 4 to 6 students.  Ray Hodgson (Lisa McCartie's father) kindly donates his time to create wonderful pieces of art with students.  Groups of 6 student attending for a 5 week block each term.

Craft Club
Our craft club is held every Tuesday and Thursday in the library at lunch time.  It is coordinated by our Librarian, Margaret Knott and Jenny Hodgson who kindly donates her time. 

Gardening Guru
Student from year 4 to 6 who are interested in plant life and have green thumb join our head gardener John Turner on a Thursdays at lunch time.

Art Master Class
Our teacher Leanne Tapper runs Art Master Classes weekly/fortnigtly for part of each term.  These are run after school on a Tuesday for an hour.

Robotics Club
Larissa Waghorn our Science teacher runs Robotics Club weekly on a Thursday after school for an  hour.