Aboriginal Family Tree


Noongar Words  
Our students have been learning an Aboriginal word from the Noongar Language each week to celebrate Aboriginal Culture. The Noongar Language is the spoken language of the Aboriginal people from the Southwest region of WA.

• Daat nyin (means “sit down”) Eg. “I tell my dog to daat nyin before I give him a treat.”

• Warangka (means “sing”) Eg. “I love to warangka in the choir.”


Aboriginal Family Tree

South Thornlie Primary School has recently completed a family tree for student with Aboriginal family decent.
University Student who are completing workplace at South Thornlie Primary School will continue to work with families and students to complete these Family Trees.


Noongar Outdoor Learning  Area
Follow the link below to see our wonderful Noongar Outdoor Learning Area.  This area has been created by the students.


Native Plants

Follow the links below to find out information regarding our native Australian plants within the school grounds.