Code of Conduct

South Thornlie Primary School Staff Code of Conduct

We have a shared vision that includes discussing ideas and reflection in a positive manner with priorities placed on the needs of the students and school.

We see this in action when we:

Suspend Judgement

  • think and speak positively and collaboratively in all situations
  • focus on the solution, not the problem
  • obtain clarification of issues and don’t make assumptions  

Allow and Give No Put Downs

  • treat people equally, calmly and kindly
  • are helpful, open minded and non-judgemental
  • use appropriate body language and tone of voice
  • listen to understand, not just to respond
  • show empathy, gratefulness, transparency and inclusivity
  • stick to the facts, without emotion

Confront Problems Respectfully

  • are honest and willing to fix mistakes without grudges
  • are respectful, polite, kind and act professionally
  • separate behaviours from individuals and work to come up with mutually acceptable solutions
  • accept that our differences and experience are all valuable assets
  • learn from one another and are open to new ideas
  • make use of the expertise and strengths of individuals

Aim for Consensus Decision Making

  • appoint committees according to the strengths and interests of staff
  • have committees that find acceptable solutions that take into account those it impacts on
  • trust the decisions made by these committees
  • commit to implement relevant changes in a positive, timely and professional manner
  • are active members of committees and our school who are present and on time
  • actively and positively contribute to processes, monitoring and driving progress
  • are informed and accountable for our responsibilities
  • complete tasks in an organised timely manner