Physical Education

Physical Education at South Thornlie Primary School

The primary focus of the Physical Education Program is to develop and enhance the physical activity skills, cooperation and teamwork skills and the individual leadership skills of all students and to encourage and foster a positive attitude toward a healthy and active lifestyle. Every student participates in a one hour Physical Education class per week combined with a class fitness sessions, organized year level sport and fortnightly Mega Play, which provides a minimum of two hours per week physical activity for every student at South Thornlie Primary School. Many students have the opportunity to spend more than two hours participating in a variety of physical activity programs.

South Thornlie PS prides itself on its inclusive Physical Education program, a program that also adapts and caters for an ever-changing school context. This focuses on encouraging students to take turns, include others, share equipment, follow rules, accept decisions, honesty, being inclusive, being a team member, manage competition, dealing with winning and losing, positive attitudes and values and leadership. We believe these are all important to develop our students mentally and physically.

Western Australian Curriculum Outcomes targeted in the Physical Education program:

Moving our body: The development of movement skills and strategies necessary to confidently and competently participate in a variety of sports and physical activities.

Understanding movement: Students positively look at the value of having a healthy and physical life in society.

Learning through movement: The progressive development of the skills required for students to make informed decisions about health and physical activity. This includes decision making, planning, goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, stress management and self-esteem development.

Physical Education Programs that are offered at South Thornlie Primary School include:

Daily fitness sessions

Friday afternoon Sport sessions for Years 5 and 6 that focus on maximum participation, teamwork, cooperation, conflict resolution and leadership.

In term swimming lessons for Years PP-Yr 6

Cross Country and Athletics carnivals with a focus on maximum participation and inclusiveness.

Wednesday morning before school Healthy Heart Joggers Club.

Class 10 Minute Healthy Heart Run program

Opportunities to participate in community based sports tournaments.

Variety of clinics by development officers and associations

Lunchtime sport tournaments organized and played by students (Sport Education in Physical Education Program)

A diversified Physical Education program that not only focuses on core sports and skill development, but offers the chance for students to experience sports that they may not normally be exposed to for all years PP-6.

Interschool Carnivals:

Summer Carnival (cricket and softball)

Cross Country at Lumen Christi

Winter Carnival (netball, hockey, football, soccer)

Athletics Carnival at Langford Athletics track

The Physical Education focus for each year level at South Thornie Primary School

Kindergarten & Pre-primary

In Kindergarten and Pre primary the students will learn how to play together and learn to share equipment. The Physical Education focus is:

Listening skills

Sharing equipment


Learning playground games

Fundamental small ball handling skills

Fundamental large ball handling skills

Playing safely at school

Spatial awareness

Fundamental movement skills

Body Management skills

Year 1 & 2

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills (running, jumping, hopping, skipping etc)Year 1 and year 2 students will be focusing on developing their small ball skills, striking skills and their ability to achieve success by working together. The Physical Education focus is:

Striking skills

Kicking skills

Object control skills

Cooperative games

Team work

Small ball skills

Large ball skills

Fundamental movement skills

Spatial awareness

Gymnastic skills of controlled balance, rolling, jumping and swinging.

Year 3 & 4

Year 3 and year 4 students will focus on developing a positive attitude towards physical activity and learning fair play. Students will also experience a game sense approach to learning. The Physical Education focus is:


Adventure experiences in the playground

Small ball games

Learning strategies & tactics

Game sense approach (learn skills, rules & strategies through playing games)

Learning sport for leisure (badminton, bocce, table tennis etc)

Small ball skills

Large ball skills

Year 5 & 6

Year 5 and year 6 students will focus on developing positive attitudes towards being physically active and developing leadership skills and management skills. The Physical Education focus is:

Adventure experiences in the playground

Learning strategies & tactics

Game sense approach (learn skills, rules & strategies through playing games)

Learning sport for leisure (badminton, bocce, table tennis etc)

Goal setting

Creating games

Sport management

Small ball skills

Large ball skills

Leadership, cooperation, teamwork, conflict resolution and organizing events.

Year 6 student will further develop outdoor education skills and life skills by attending the 5 day Year 6 Camp to Rottnest Island

Cross Country 2020

Cross Country 31 July 2020

On Friday 31 July 2020, we had our Cross Country. It was well-attended and everyone had a great fun filled day. Thank you to all the staff, students and helpers and a special big thank you to Mr Edwards. Congratulations to all the students for giving their personal best all day.

Congratulations to all our runners who participated with the event being held at Lumen Christi College.

Our school was very well represented, coming fourth place out of 10 schools in our district.

Huntingdale PS were the overall winners followed by Bramfield Park PS and Yale PS.

Our top runners were:

•           Jensen Mahiepala - 1st Place Year 4 Boys

•           Jake Sullivan - 4th Place Year 4 Boys

•           Erin Boulton - 4th Place Year 4 Girls

•           Olivia Learmont - 2nd Place Year 5 Girls

•           Bronte Symons - 8th Place Year 6 Girls

•           Trent Johns - 4th Year 6 Boys

Athletics – Jumps & Throws

The Jumps and Throws events took place on Thursday, 10 September and Friday, 11 September. The Year 1 & 2 students participated in their events on Thursday. They competed with a great amount of effort whilst having lots of fun. The Year 3-6 students had their events on Friday, displaying great spirit and enjoyment throughout the day. See below photos of some of the action that took place!

A HUGE thank you to Mr Mattock for stepping into Mr Edwards’ shoes at the last minute to run the Jumps Carnival. Thank you to all the staff, student services students and of course all the student helpers who assisted to set up, run and pack up at the end of the day.


Faction Athletics Carnival 2020

Our Annual Faction Athletics took place on Thursday, 29 October 2020. The students had an amazing day, displaying great sportsmanship and energy despite the heat! The results of the Carnival are as follows.
1st Place Green Pythons 1,632 points 2nd Place Gold Geckoes 1,631 points 3rd Place Blue Roos 1,482 points 4th Place Redbacks 1,087 points
Congratulations to our Year 3-6 Champions: Year Champion Girl Champion Boy 3 Francis Reeder Torrell Noble 4 Favor Reeder Jake Sullivan 5 Mikayla Paton Ona Maaka 6 Erin Fitzpatrick Trent Johns 

Interschool Athletics Carnival
Congratulations on a wonderful effort from our students at the Interschool Athletics Carnival held on Thursday, 5 November 2020.
In the large schools competition against Huntingdale, Yale, Wirrabirra and Bramfield Park primary schools, South Thornlie Primary School came second overall behind Huntingdale Primary School. In the Handicap shield competition we came second with Wirrabirra beating us by 20 points. Points overall as follows, Huntingdale 752,  South Thornlie 516, Wirrabirra 506,  Yale 345 and Bramfield 200.
Students from Year 1-6 competed in many running events, jump events, flag relays, leaderball and circular relays.
The students are to be congratulated on their behaviour, sportsmanship and attitude to compete and represent our school.
We had some fabulous individual performers who were awarded Interschool Champions!

Year 3 Girls Champion – Francis Reeder
Year 4 Girls Champion – Favor Reeder
Year 5 Girls Runner Up – Mikayla Paton
Year 6 Boys Runner Up – Kaj Weaver

Summer Sports Carnival
On Friday, 19 March the Year 5 and 6 students attended the Summer Sports Carnival which was held at Sutherlands Park, Gosnells. Students had to nominate, train and be selected to attend the event.

The Softball team performed amazingly, winning every match against the other schools! The students demonstrated great sportsmanship and enthusiasm, evident in some big hits and great catching, which was highlighted in a close victory against Yale. The team, coached by Mrs Wills and Mrs Parfitt, was successful in winning the A division shield. Well done! A huge thank you to the teachers for regularly giving up their lunch times to coach and train the students.

Our Cricket teams were was also very successful. The girl's team won all of their matches and finished first in their group. A strong bowling line up was a feature of this team and a highly competitive squad was formed. Thank you to Mr Edwards for coaching and training the team in the lead up to the carnival and to Mrs Liedermoy for coaching and leading her team on the day.

The boys competed admirably and won their first game against Gosnells. They then lost to Ashburton by 2 runs in an amazing game, before finishing with a tie against Huntingdale. The boys finished 2nd overall in their group and can be proud of their perseverance in very hot conditions.

Thank you to all of the parents who came along and cheered on the teams. Your support on what turned out to be a very hot day was appreciated. I know the cricketers also appreciated the generous icy pole delivery too!

This term we have been focusing on Gymnastics skills in Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2. We have been developing our forward rolls, landing techniques, using the bars and balancing. A1, A2 and A3 had expert coaching from Forefront Gymnastics which was paid for by our Sporting Schools Grant. The children were shown many different skills.



Robotics club with Mrs Waghorn has begun for Term 3, 2020.

Children are selected to be part of a Robotics program run after school with Mrs Waghorn and Mrs Liedermoy. The children were very excited that robotics had started again for 2020  They began practising with the Spheros and iPads making sure they were in sync under the explicit instruction of Mrs Waghorn. This intial stage is preparing them for greater use of coding later in the term.