School Improvements


South Thornlie Primary School has gone through many school improvements. Please see below all the improvements our school has gone through over the years.

A sensory garden was added to the Kindy Playground as well as kindy mosaic sign, skylights, bags hooks, well, play bridge, play well, wood chips, mosaic river, farm shed, blackboard flowers, cute mini doors on trees and some minor structural improvements. In addition to this there has been some beautiful murals made that have been hung in the centre of the playground. These murals are the creative work of staff members Wendy Fisher and Lisa McCartie along with ex-student Shannon Harbron.
-Rosabella the cow is located in Kindy. Which was painted by the students.
-The hungry caterpillar has been erected to the fence in Kindy.
-Kindy has a new cubby.
- Kindy received more shelves for storing resources.
Our Kindy building was awarded a refurbishment and building works were completed for the commencement of 2019 school year.
This included the following for Kindy:-
-New vinyl flooring
-New kitchen
-Outdoor drink fountains installed
-New windows
-Both units received
-New storage room
-New bathroom sinks
-New cupboards
-Painted concrete outside the classroom
-Painted number line
-Out in flooring on Dirty Diner
-Security added to Kindy
-Mud kitchen with a functioning tap and painted a large snakes and ladder game
-Kindy area have two sets of drinking fountains

Pre Primary
Exterior of Pre Primary included the addition of a boat and woodchips to the junior primary playground, garden kerbing around the outside of the junior primary playground, a new fence blocking off the carpark and enclosing the junior playground.
-Our Pre Primary staff have a new path fitted to this area using their Bunnings fundraising money.
-New Storage sheds have been added outside Pre-Primary Area.
-New Path alongside the Noongar Outdoor Learning Area.
-Wheel hub flowers have been erected to Pre-Primary fence.
-New storage shed.
- Upgraded gardens

Playground and Outdoor Areas
Our new playground has now been fully installed on our school oval and the students have enjoyed playing on it.
-Shade Sails
- Two new basketball rings on B Block courts
Tiny Town Project:-
-Train Station with train and ticket office
-Tiny Town sign

Noongar Outdoor Learning Area
The poles in the outdoor learning area have now been painted by our students together with the help of some of our aboriginal parents and Notre Dame Behaviour Science student Brendan Dawkins. The native plants have also been planted. Signs have been erected to the learning area. Chairs and tapping sticks have also been placed for students to use during recess and lunchtimes and class times.
A mud kitchen with a functioning tap and painted a large snakes and ladder gam.  Stepping stones have been placed and painted by students.  QR codes have been placed next to plants and yarning circle.

A Block/B Block/C Block
-There has been new carpet installed in A block withdrawal area over the holidays.
-The external walls on Blocks A, B & C have been painted along with all of the louvres around the school
-New white boards
-Paving fixed up at the back of B Block
-Toilets refurbished in B Block
-Built two therapy rooms for student services and an office for the sports teacher in B Block
-We have had two new benches installed outside  A and B Block.
-New door with window installed.
-Bag hooks and sky lights to all blocks, new signage throughout the school, new seating in the A block area and also some minor structural work such as drainage and paving.
-All teachers have lockable filing cupboards in classrooms
-New internal wall constructed in C4 and the concentina wall divider between A3 and A4 has been renewed
-C block received new whiteboards.
-Tap and drain sites have been mosaiced.
-Internal walls of A block painted.
-Undercover area painted white to freshen up.
-C Block new kitchen installed including a new oven, hot plates, rangehood and lots of bench space
-Each classroom fitted with four fixed tension lines to display student work.
-B Block therapy room has new seats and tables.
-A, B and C block ceilings have been replaced.  This also included new led lighting system.
-Classrooms have been fitted with fixed tension lines to display student work.
- New racks installed to hold the new ukuleles.
- External doors repaired.

Other School Improvements
- Soft fall laid in the undercover area.
- Garden beds around the school.
- New roof installed in outdoor staff area.
- Staffroom, conference room, staff toilets painted.
- C Block stage cover has been installed.
-The outdoor area for staff has been upgraded with the walls rendered and painted.  New plants have been planted in garden beds. Outdoor furniture has been donated.
- 25 new Ipads purchased.
- A washing machine has been donated and stored in the cleaner's room.
-We have recently had replaced four new heaters in the front office, staffroom and two in the library.
-Arts Centre - New stage to hold future assemblies
-We have recently installed reticulation in our Aboriginal outdoor learning area. We also have recently installed a new sign for this area.
-Library has new desks and library book set boxes.
-New signage throughout the school.
-New tables and chairs in staff room.
-Yearly planner in staff room.
-Additional sporting equipment.
-Grants for School Programs which will include gymnastics, softball and touch football
-We will be converting the Art room into a STEAM room to support delivery of the curriculum and stimulate student interest in science, technologies and art.
-Each successful school has an existing classroom converted with:
* a five tap trough with hot and cold water
* mobile, height adjustable benches with chemical resistant surfaces and matching seating
* vinyl flooring
* appropriate fittings for storage and display, including pin up displays
* additional power and data points
* audiovisual points for interactive whiteboards or other devices
* eyewash facilities
* fridge
* microwave oven
* first aid station
-Reconstructed the offices for our Deputies within the Administration office
-Multi- Purpose building has undergone some dramatic improvements. This area is now air conditioned, a new stage has been installed and it has an amazing new sound system and audio visual system which includes a projector and large retractable screen. There has also been some amazing murals created by Lisa McCartie that are decorating the walls, large display boards that are permanently attached.
-10 New Computers to ensure our technolody stays up to date.
-Admin Offices had ducting added to allow the cool air to flow to Student Services and the Sensory Room.
-New Ipads have been provided for teaachers to use with their Smart TV's.
-Long jump pits has been totally overhauled.
-New Sporting equipment for our Kindy Students including basketballs and free standing ring.
- Powerpoints installed on oval stage.
-Admin gardens updated.
-Staffroom has received a new air-conditioner.
-Learning pod installed in staffroom