Nut Minimisation Policy


We have students who have been medically diagnosed with the severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction to nuts. Small trace amounts of nuts can cause anaphylaxis. Serious reactions can also occur from skin contact particles. The Nut Minimisation Policy involves us all.

The Role Of All Parents
Please do not give your children foods containing nuts or peanuts to be consumed at school.
Be aware that many foods contain traces of nuts (e.g. nutella, muesli bars, biscuits,peanut paste and chocolate bars).
Encourage thorough washing of hands and face if your child has eaten nut products before coming to school.
Avoid nuts and peanuts in birthday cakes and fundraising food that may be brought to school.

The Role Of Parents With Anaphylactic Children
To educate their child on nut avoidance.
To inform the school of the medical situation.
To provide the school with an action plan devised and signed by the child's doctor.
To provide an Epipen in a shock proof, light proof container.
To respond immediately if contacted in an emergency. Parents are called after the ambulance.
In a situation where there may be a concern about their child eating celebration cakes to provide a substitute.
To update the school when new medical information becomes available.
To keep a note of the expiry date of the Epipen and replace expired pens.

The Role Of The School
To assist the students in the avoidance an allergic reaction.
To ensure all staff have training in the use of an Epipen.
Teachers will provide anaphylactic information at the relevant level for all students.
To ensure relief teachers are aware of anaphylactic students. Teachers to note in lesson plan for each absent day and information in Classroom file.
To follow the Medical Action Plan for each anaphylact.
To ensure the safe, secure storage of Epipens.
To take Epipens and medication for relevant students.
In the case of emergency, as a last resort, another student's Epipen will be used if their Epipen is unavailable. This is replaceable immediately.
To inform Parents of the policy through newsletter and in the newsletter.
To send a copy of the policy to parents with the first newsletter of the year.
To include photographs of anaphylactic students with the duty roster.
The external lunch order canteen will not sell nut based products.


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