Technologies Curriculum

In 2017 a teacher was appointed as Lead Teacher one day a week to assist with the preparation for the introduction of the new Technologies Curriculum in 2018.

This role included increasing the resources available for technology throughout the school (including the lease of 60 iPads for the junior students), initial preparation for the set-up of a STEM co-op providing physical resources that could be utilised in classroom STEM projects, the establishment of a robotics club for a group of 20 Year 5 and 6 students that represented the school at the First Lego League Competition and working with staff to increase their knowledge. A strong and active Technology committee was created to assist in this process.

We are currently working on integrating technology into all curriculum areas throughout the school. We are working closely with staff to improve their knowledge in these areas so that the students have more exposure to this growing area. Once a week a group of our senior school students are increasing their teamwork and problem solving skills through our Robotics Club. The culmination of this program is their entry into the First Lego League competition against other schools, including high schools. In 2017 these students won an award for part of their presentation in the competition. This group is highly valued by the students.


Children (from year 1 through to year 6) participate in one hour of Science instruction with a specialist teacher each week.