The Arts - Music


Performing Arts Music At South Thornlie Primary School

All students from Year 1 to Year 6 participate in a Specialist Music Program at South Thornlie Primary. Students participate in a one hour music lesson each week where they learn a large range of skills through a developmental, hands - on learning approach exploring, creating, interpreting and performing music.
Our focus for Music is guided by the National Curriculum for the Arts (Music) developed by ACARA. The program provides opportunities for moving (dance), creating, playing, singing and responding to a wide range of music styles. The focus is on fun, participation and performance while developing the musical elements including beat, rhythm, pitch, tone, dynamics, melody, tempo, form style and texture.
At South Thornlie children are introduced to the ukulele in Year 3 to develop note reading and performance skills. Ukulele continues to Year 6 and is a good preparation for future instrumental learning.
The school is involved in the Instrumental Music Schools Services (IMSS) program and provides specialist instrumental tuition in Flute, Brass and Classical Guitar.
South Thornlie Primary School hosts both Junior and Senior Choirs who meet outside of instructional times twice a week to prepare for a range of performance projects in the school and community.  These include ANZAC Day, fortnightly school assemblies, Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week and more. Junior Choir is open to all students from Year 1 – 3 and Senior Choir is open to all students from Year 4 – 6. South Thornlie Primary School also hosts a Ukulele Group for Years 3 – 6 that also perform at various special events. Our school also holds an annual Music Showcase to display student’s musical talents across the Performing Arts.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at South Thornlie Primary School is based on the current Western Australian Curriculum. The focus of the program is placed students learning the skills, techniques and processes to allow them to express their individuality and creativity.  During Visual Arts lessons children will learn the elements and principles of art and design and explore these in increasingly complex ways to make and respond to artworks.



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