Kindy/Pre Primary


At South Thornlie Primary School we have a predominately play-based approach to teaching and learning in the early years.  Jennie Lindon and Liz Rouse (2013) describe play-based learning as experiences and opportunities where children select what and how they would like to do things in carefully designed learning spaces that aim to build on children’s interests and experiences, as well as concepts learnt through explicit teaching at other times throughout the day. They use the resources provided to direct their own learning whilst being given time to explore, practise and improve their skills.

During play-based learning time the teacher and education assistant skilfully guide and ‘nudge’ the students to extend their thinking and skills, whilst acknowledging and supporting students’ learning through teachable moments related to the curriculum. Our job as early childhood educators is to provide children with rich resources, environments that foster their interests and plenty of time to explore and repeat play experiences.

Our program provides a wide range of rich play-based experiences to challenge and inspire all students. The focus is on the whole child, with experienced staff supporting every individual to explore their independence and individual interests. Our program encourages students to question and wonder about their world whilst encouraging and developing a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy.

A priority is placed on developing students’ phonemic awareness and oral language skills. These important pre-cursers to literacy development are explicitly and intentionally taught in structured lessons, as well as through the exploitation of ‘teachable moments’ as they occur throughout the day. These may be the result of teacher/child or child/child interactions that spontaneously occur through ‘play’, conversation, explanations etc.

West Australian Department of Education planning documents, policies, guides and standards are used to design and deliver our Early Childhood programs. Important examples of these are listed below.

The Western Australian Curriculum – Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines: Curriculum and Assessment Guidelines

The Western Australian Pre-primary Curriculum

Being, Belonging, Becoming – The Early Years Framework

National Quality Standards

As a special treat for Mother’s Day, the Kindy students spent a morning pampering their mums or nans. Our special guests were very spoilt with their welcome drink and then they were indulged with manicures, hand and back massages, icing a biscuit, facials and craft activities.Mothers Day 2021

Thank you to the mums and nans who came and thank you to our Kindy students who did such a great job of showing how much they love them!


The Picasso Cow
We have been selected as one of the schools around Australia to be involved in the Picasso Cow Program. The Kindy children were thrilled to welcome our Picasso Cow last week. There was much excitement and amazement from the children and staff. Our Picasso Cow will live in our Kindy Barnyard forever for all to see.

This exciting free program provides an engaging way to learn about the Australian dairy industry, its products, and health and nutrition benefits, all while decorating a life-size fibreglass cow. This program will complement our Healthy Eating program.

Over this term our cow needs to be painted to encourage healthy eating. Mrs Sheridan is helping us with the design and will lead and assist the children with the decorating. All the Kindy, Pre-Primary and some students in upper year levels will have the opportunity to paint our Picasso Cow.

The first thing we had to do was to name her. There have been endless discussions that has involved the whole school. The students had the opportunity to write a name of their choice on a sticky note and place it on the cow in the library. The six best names were chosen and then we had a final vote amongst all the classes.

Some of the creative name suggestions were: Missy Moo, Bessie, Milkette, Sundae, Mini Moo, Lola and even a Shakespeare! We had many submissions of the names: Rose, Rosie, Rosa and Bella so with this in mind the voted name for our Picasso Cow is Rosabella!

Once she is decorated there will have to be a beautiful rose somewhere on Rosabella!

Thank you to all the students and staff who participated.

We have had many of our students throughout the school provide us with amazing artwork relating to cows and dairy which will contribute towards our design of Rosabella.

The decorating of Rosabella has started and we are hoping many of our students will have a turn at painting her.

Thank you to Mrs Sheridan who is helping us.

Here is a sneak peek of our Rosabella.



Teddy Bear Hospital Incursion
Last Friday students in Kindy B Group had Curtin University medical students visit for a Teddy Bear Hospital Incursion. The student doctors role played being ‘Teddy Doctors’. The aim of the incursion is to alleviate children's fear with regards to the health care setting and provide a fun filled and enjoyable experience. The children enjoyed speaking to the ‘Teddy Doctors’ about the health and wellbeing of their teddies. They learnt to bandage broken and sore teddy legs and arms. Listen to their heartbeats and take their temperature. It was a very successful morning.

Denise Tjhung & Mary Wills