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Year 6 News

On Tuesday 4 May 2021, the Year 6 students from C4 & C5 hosted the annual South Thornlie Cake Stall! Students had been working in teams to market, make and sell a variety of cakes, biscuits, slices and other treats.

The students were exceptionally well behaved and produced a stunning variety of treats. As you can see below, the stalls were very well presented and showed a great deal of creativity.

All funds raised go towards subsidising Year 6 events. The students and staff would like to thank the school community for their support in this event. Everyone involved had a great time, with a grand total of $799.65 being raised!


Achieving Excellence Together
Congratulations to Lawrence Liu from B2 who recently won 1st Place for his amazing artwork in the Competition of Charity Drawing for Caversham Wildlife Park themed ‘Australia in My Eyes’.

With over 100 entries, Lawrence’s ‘Koala in our hands’ was awarded 1st place in the 6-8 year old category. Lawrence was presented with a certificate of recognition and a $300 gift card by former Mayor of Gosnells, Glenn Dewhurst and Caversham’s Wildlife Park Manager, David.

Well done Lawrence!

Leanne Tapper

The Value of Care

South Thornlie Primary School’s values are Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care. The year 6 Student Leaders, supported by our teachers, identify students who are demonstrating the school value of Care. These students are presented with a Care Postcard in their class. Well done to these students!

Harmony Day 2021

Here at South Thornlie Primary School, we celebrated Harmony Day. Students and staff from Pre-Primary to year 6 participatd in a dress up day and parade with some of our year 5 students performing a special Harmony Day piece! It was wonderful to see the students come dressed in their traditional costumes from a range of cultural backgrounds. Seeing so many students dressed in orange, representing cultural diversity, was a delight. Thank you for your donations which will assist us to support cultural projects in and around our school. We raised a total of $289.00. Well done!

Congratulations to our Harmony Day raffle winners: Lachlan C2, Paige C1, Robert B2, Isla A4, Kyiesha A2 and Gaige ECC1. These students were presented with a special prize!

The Value of Care 

One of our students, Leonardo from B1, has been volunteering as part of his Cub-Scout Project recently raising $400 for the WA bushfire victims. His group have been raising awareness and collecting donations from people in the community. Well done Leonardo!


Year 6 AQWA Camp

The Year 6 students have arrived back from their first camp, having an overnight stay at the Aquarium of Western Australia. The students and teachers had a great time at AQWA, also learning about the research vessel Linnaeus with Nick Mortimer, Senior Engineer CSIRO, reporting it being a very awesome experience as well as an educational one. I’m sure the students have some wonderful stories to tell! 


What an amazing week our Year 6 children had at Rottnest for the annual camp. Our children are to be congratulated on their behaviour, cooperation, work attitude and respect for teachers, parents, public and the Island. We had a wonderful week of historical tours and team challenge searches, riding around the island, swimming, beach volleyball, tennis, fishing, star gazing, myths and legends stories, sand sculpture competitions and ‘Minute To Win it’ team challenges.

A huge thank you to the parent helpers, Mrs Brown, Mrs Johnson, Miss Paine, Mrs Sheridan and Mr Goodhew, who gave up a week at work to help supervise, feed, inspire, nurse and parent 50 children. These parents were amazing and we greatly appreciate their efforts.

Everywhere our children went we received positive feedback from the Rottnest guides, tour operators and general public saying how wonderful our children behaved.
Our children learnt so many life skills which will stand them in good stead for their future lives.

Thanks everyone for making my last camp a wonderful and satisfying experience.

Graeme Edwards
PE Teacher


Monday, 16 November
Everyone anxiously waited on the docks, faces pressed against the fence peering out for the first glimpse of the ferry. The students were getting too excited when the ferry slowly waded into view, exhilarated for the journey ahead. The students descended down the steps into the bottom of the boat while the parents were desperate for a last glimpse of their children.  The ferry jumped over and over while it sped across the ocean, becoming a haze of magnificent shades of blue and aqua as the island slowly came into sight. The excitement was high as the students rode into the small cul-de-sac of houses, each one racing to their own. Quickly unpacking in time for the beach. Dinner was done as dusk set upon them, ready for stargazing. As the sky became darker the stars shone at us like a million suns and the day was done.

Tuesday, 17 November
The morning was busy for the students as they got ready for the morning beach walk. All the students gathered at their houses, calm and ready for breakfast. Suddenly as if the calm had never existed, it was washed away by the dorm inspection. Students in every house rushed around cleaning rapidly, a knock at the door and everyone goes silent. The sun shines vibrantly as the bright red bikes gleam in the blinding light, ready for action. The excitement burst as the students ventured out to the vast expanse of hills and lakes. Single file up and down, up and down the challenging hills, with the Oliver Hill gun standing out proudly amongst the rusted, barbed wire fencing. But it was closed. The students hiked back toward the houses, but what was uphill before, became downhill now. Speeding down the hill, turning this way, and that. Slowly heading back towards Thompson Bay, careful of how they rode and finally reach the beach which was crowded with laughter. Showered and stomachs no longer empty the students walked towards the salt store as night fell upon them. “The best time to tell ghost stories.” The guide exclaimed mysteriously. The school followed the guide around the town, each time stopping to tell a different, haunting story.
On the walk back towards Governor’s Circle a chill had set upon the students, the moon shining high and bright ready to haunt another.

Wednesday, 18 November
House leaders and children cleaning, hoping for a good score for the inspections, after the daily beach walk. At 9am we all rode up hills to get to the lighthouse. We had seen it flashing its light every eight seconds the night before while we were star gazing. After recreation at the beach we quickly ate dinner and rushed to the Peacock Inn for ‘Minute to Win it’ challenges in our day groups. We had to pick up smarties using only a straw, then the same with chopsticks, get the shuttlecock into the bucket, get the ping-pong ball in the egg cartons, get an oreo in your mouth with no hands, make the longest minty wrapper and stack cups with our group. They thought the lighthouse ride was challenging, wait until you hear about the whole island ride.
Thursday, 19 November
Sweat dripping down our faces, the sun red hot like the red colour of the bikes we rode. The people who chose not to go on this ride stayed back and played charades and did scavenger hunts in a wide area around Governor’s Circle. After we all got back everyone cheered as we came down the last hill of the ride. We showered quickly then ate dinner. Then the moment we all waited faces, some cried, some laughed but we all had so much fun showing Mr Edwards the act we worked so hard for. We are all so thankful of Mr Edwards.

Friday 20 November
Finally, the last day. Friday is the last day of Rottnest Camp 2020 for the Year 6’s. The lights flickered on and all we could hear was people jumping out of their beds. First thing we have to do today is get our awards and we were super exited. We all raced to the Peacock Inn and got our awards. Some were super funny and some were just plain cool. ‘Everyone’ said Mr Edwards ‘we are going to mini golf’. YES!!! Said everyone in the room. We arrived at the mini golf place and it was super fun and I wish we could stay for longer. After we did the mini golf we went in our groups to the gift shop also known as the General Store. We were allowed to get a drink, some lollies and a gift. Now we all have to go home and we all jump on the ferry.


A Gift from Year 6

The Year 6 students have fundraised through Cake Stalls and Pizza days throughout the year. As part of this fundraiser they have purchased and planted two large grass trees for the Noongar Outdoor Learning Area. These trees (known as Balga trees in the Noongar language) are very culturally important.

The Mindarie (small fronds) can be eaten, if the too is cut off, the soft white inside is a nourishing source of food and is also a bush medicine used to settle upset stomachs. The resin can be heated and used as a blue or water proofing agent on Mia Mia's (shelters).

The flower stalk can be used as a fire starter and a torch, or dried and used as a light spear.

The Year 6 students are very proud to share this gift with the school and have enjoyed researching the Balga trees as well as planting them. As Balga trees are extremely slow growing (only 1.5cm a year) we have estimated that our trees are between 100-150 years old and will be with our school community for many years ahead.

David Bonser & Jenny Liedermoy
Year 6 Teachers

Year 3 HASS Projects
The Year 3 students have enjoyed learning about ‘Australia’s Neighbouring Countries’ as their Geography topic this term. As a whole class we have learnt about our closest neighbour, New Zealand. Currently each student is researching a country of their choice.
We are using iPads to practice our computer and research skills. Students will present their assignments to the class in a variety of ways, such as power point presentations, scrapbooks, booklets and charts.

Marion Downs, Leanne Tapper & Chris Mattock
Year 3 Teachers

Student Ambassador Message from Codi Wells Year 6 C5

Hello my name is Codi Wells and I am a Student Ambassador for South Thornlie Primary School 2020. A famous leader I admire is Malala Yousafzai. She was born on 12 July, 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan. Malala is well known for her love of school and an injury of being shot in the head at the age of 14 by the Taliban. I chose to talk about this leader because she is an inspiring woman who supports women’s rights and for everyone to be able to go to school. Malala was the youngest ever person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize and she is a strong advocate for children’s educational rights. I believe this leader demonstrated the school value of Equity. She demonstrates this by wanting all children to have equal educational rights and opportunities. A lesson I learnt from her is to treat school as a gift not a right. I am going to try an apply this lesson in my life by having persistence in all learning lessons and tasks.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Year 6 C5

In class, we have been reading “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” and I chose Ada Lovelace to research. Ada was a mathematician in the 18th century who created the first calculator. She was also involved in studying bird wings and flight as well as trying to make a machine for moving pictures. She showed all women of her time that they could become Scientists and Mathematicians if they really wanted to.


The reason I chose to do this piece of art work was because I felt very inspired by the story of Yaa Asantewwa’s. She showed bravery and was an inspiration to her tribe. A queen and a warrior, she fought to defend her people and showed that she was strong and dedicated. Her story spoke to me about not being fearful for what is right.  Yaa Asantewa’s strength gave her the courage to stand for what is right. I was passionate about researching her because she didn’t give up and kept going. Although she didn’t win the fight her bravery, her encouragement and confidence inspires me to never give up.



Using weighted toys to alleviate stress and anxiousness and integrating Art and History in Mrs Smithin's C1 Year 4.

Weighted Toys

Sometimes students can feel anxious, stressed or worried in class and this can make them not perform in class as well as they should.  At South Thornlie PS we have introduced a range of resources that can help students to feel better.  One of them is a range of weighted toys.  The weight feels really comforting and can help students to feel safe.  C1 has a weighted puppy who is not only weighted but is soft and cute.  The students love putting him on their laps and giving him a pat and while they are focussed on this they are removing their anxiety and concerns. It is working well.


The students in C1 have been looking at different houses and noticing all the different features that there have.  They are drawing different windows, door, roof shapes and stairs relevant to that time era.  Once they have finished their final sketches, they are going to be learning how to use a monochromatic colour palette and how to use an easy printmaking technique.


Creating 3D Models as a class challenge in C3 Year 5

In this activity, students had to make models of 3D shapes using play dough, matchsticks, skewers and popsticks. Students had to pay particular attention to getting the right 2D shapes that make up each of the 3D models. The students had a lot of fun creating these models and also had to overcome a few problems such as just how heavy a lump of playdough can be! This activity then transformed into a whole class challenge where students had to build the tallest structure they could in a set time. That's when the weight of the playdough really had an impact. At the end of the session we measured the height of the remaining structures and shared a laugh over the unfortunate collapse of the ones that didn't quite stay upright.

NAIDOC Week – Activity Day

NAIDOC Week was officially postponed until 8-15 November due to COVID-19. The theme this year is “Always Was - Always Will Be”. To recognise this special celebration there will be an activity day in the Arts Centre on Friday, 13 November 2020. All classes will be timetabled to participate. Parents are invited to assist with organisation for this day by participating in the planning committee. The committee will meet in the school staff room at 2.45pm. All are welcome! Two dates are planned as below:

•           Wednesday, 21 October 2020

•           Thursday, 5 November 2020

Please let Mrs Brown know if you are able to assist with this committee by emailing her at so she can make sure she brings enough biscuits!


Noongar Outdoor Learning Area - A1 Music Lesson

Mr Frost and the students from A1 took their singing outdoors to the Aboriginal Learning Area, singing Wanjoo (The Welcome Song).

Aboriginal Art Pole Project – Help Needed

Any parents or guardians who are able to assist with the painting of the Aboriginal Art Poles in the Noongar Outdoor Learning Area would be greatly appreciated. This will take place during week 10 this term. If you can help, please email:


ECC1- Pre Primary

Our class focus for this week is writing CVC words.

They have been learning about the beginning, middle and final sound and how to represent them.

See below photos of students making CVC words.

Tiana Garlick Teacher

ECC2 – Pre Primary

Our class focus this week is beginning sounds. We are learning about Spring.

See photos of Luewyn Goso and Ashton Evans playing a memory game matching beginning sounds to the correct letter.

Jane Claridge Teacher


STEAM Room Activity Year 6 C4
Mrs Liedermoy's Year 6 C4 Students, Used The Green Screen In Our STEAM Room To Create An Image Of Themselves Diving Into A Pool. The Image Was Used As The Cover For Their Poetry Booklets Which Had A Range Of Poetry Types All Connected To Water. They Used Water As The Subject Because They Were Reading The Novel "Boss Of The Pool", By Robin Klein.
Using green screens to create a visual interpretation of an event was part of C4's project. Allowing students to use technolgy as a form of self expression is highly valued in STEAM and is part of differentiating the curriculum to accomodate for all types of learners. Mrs Liedermoy also organises the Robotics program with our science teacher Mrs Waghorn. 


Learning Italian is fun
Students in Year 6 C5 and Year 4 B4 are working on Time and Transport
In Year 4 students interact and socialise with the teacher and peers, using simple descriptive or expressive modelled language, to exchange information about aspects of their personal worlds, including their daily routines at home and school and their interests. They recognise some of the rules of spelling and punctuation such as capitalisation rules when writing. In this exercise they are learning how to tell the time.
In Year 6 students engage in intercultural experiences, describing aspects of language and culture that are unfamiliar and discussing their own reactions and adjustments. Understanding that transport varies from continent to continent and that there are similarities as well as differences enriches the way our students view the world. 


Noongar Outdoor Learning  Area
Follow the link below to see our wonderful Noongar Outdoor Learning Area.  This area has been created by the students.

Book Week 2020

Our Book Week dress up day was held last Friday, 23 October 2020. Inspired by their favourite story book characters, the staff and students had an absolute ball showing off their costumes and parading in the Arts Centre!

Digital Technology in Year 2
This term the students have been learning about digital systems using iPads and computers, as well as a variety of robots such as Bee Bots and Dash and Dot. Students have completed activities in class looking at hardware and software, coding and algorithms. They have had an opportunity to make the Bee Bots dance and code them to go and find the treasure!

Marieka Rendall, Chantelle Murray and Jiapei Hoe
Class Teachers