China Sister School Partnership

China Sister School Partnerships

At South Thornlie Primary School, we are keen to continue teaching our students to understand the multi-cultural community we live in.

China Partnership
Three partnerships have been established since 2019
• Ding hui Primary School
• Jin Hua Huang Cheng Primary School
• Hangzhou Caihe No◦2 Primary School.

The partnerships will increase the internationalisation of the school, expand students’ and staff’s horizons, improve curriculum development, improve foreign language education, improve teacher development, and share quality educational resources.
Correspondence of penpal letters will continue with three schools in 2021. Two to three classes required. Exploring options of typing and emailing letters instead of mailing.

Partnership Aim: To develop a partnership with a sister school in China to widen our students learning experiences in both schools, share expertise in curriculum delivery in both schools and share cultural experiences with our school communities.

Benefits for Chinese Partnerships
Widen students’ learning experiences.
Share expertise in curriculum delivery in both schools.
Share cultural experiences with our school communities.

Students in A3 have recently finished writing letters to Ding Hui Experimental Primary School in Zhejiang, Hangzhou City and are looking forward to a reply from China. Furthermore, Kindy, A3, B4 and students in EAL/D TAP groups have participated in activities related to a partnership program with our third Chinese Partnership school, Caihe N°3 Primary School in Zhejiang, Hangzhou City. Students made well wishing signs and coloured pictures of mascots that will be representing the upcoming Asia Games that is to be held in Hangzhou, China in 2022. Thank you to all the students who participated in this activity. Australian Athletics will participate for the first time in the 2022 Asia games in five sports, soccer, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball and fencing.


Dress Code

The South Thornlie Primary School Council has established a dress code for all students attending the school.

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