Hi everyone

I am very excited about teaching the year four and five students who have joined the Drama program this semester at South Thornlie Primary School. The program will be dynamic and innovative. The year six students have been actively involved in Drama since last term where they enthusiastically developed ideas and used skills and techniques to communicate non-verbally through facial expressions, gestures and body language. The students then embarked on the process of performance in which they displayed energy, focus and comedy, making it an entertaining experience for the audience.

This term the year six students will be launching into improvisation, voice and scripted plays. The year four and five students will be exploring and developing ideas in characterisation as well as learning drama terminology designed to develop and enrich student’s imaginations, creative expression, knowledge and literacy.

I am very passionate about Education through the arts and to develop students ‘lifelong skills’ in a supportive and creative environment. Skills include; confidence, expression, self-esteem, empathy, creative thinking, working well with others, motivation and a sense of belonging. The students have a rewarding and productive semester ahead, enriched with creativity and experience.

Looking forward to a great Semester.

Ms Bushby
Drama Teacher
South Thornlie Primary School


Children (from year 1 through to year 6) participate in one hour of Science instruction with a specialist teacher each week.