The School has a canteen that operates Wednesday and Fridays for lunches only. Correct cash must be provided.

There are great options on the menu such as sandwiches, pies and fried rice. There is something to satisfy even the pickiest eater.  Please the menu attached.




STEAM Room Activities in Mrs Liedermoy's C4 2020 class

Mrs Liedermoy's Year 6 C4 students, used the concept of STEAM to intergrate several learning areas to create a finished product that required a knowledge of Technology, Science and English.

Using green screens to create a visual interpretation of an event was part of their project. Allowing students to use technolgy as a form of self expression is highly valued in STEAM and is part of differentiating the curriculum to accomodate for all types of learners.Mrs Liedermoy also organises the Robotics program with our science teacher Mrs Waghorn.